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Nav Sidhu has the sensational voice and performance, much like his father Mr. Nirmal Sidhu. Nirmal Sidhu is a very well known name in Punjabi Music Industry in Punjab as well as internationally. Nav Sidhu is also following his father's footsteps. nav Sidhu has already sung few songs like Nachale Sanu Naal, Bandagi, Hai Sohniye and also Party song in Punjabi Movie Pure Punjabi. All his songs have been much appreciated by the audience. Nav Sidhu's solo album will be released in summer of 2012 in which he has done 10 songs with Tigerstyle.

As people say that a talent can't be remain hidden for too long, it has to come up to entertain the world. Nav Sidhu has shown it to the world in just three-four songs that what he is capable of and he has much more to show in coming years as a Singer, Performer and Actor. He is already become popular name in UK Punjabi Music Industry because of his latest track Hai Sohniye featuring Rajeev B.

Nav Sidhu is been fully trained by his father Nirmal Sidhu himself. Nav is also studying an accredited MA in Music. Nav looks ready and all set to take the Punjabi Music Industry by storm with his powerful voice and Performance. He is already being offered few Punjabi movies as lead actor.